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A picture of a physical therapist helping someone in the water doing therapy

SCH Physical Therapy Expands Services

With the addition of Brian Voos, MPT, Physical Therapist at Sabetha Community Hospital, comes changes. One of the biggest changes, which has been made possible by the addition of the Sabetha Health and Wellness Center, is the addition of Aquatic Physical Therapy. Aquatic therapy is by physician referral and those services are available Tuesday and Friday afternoon at the Health and Wellness Center. Some of the things Aquatic Therapy offers are:

Using the principles of buoyance, immersion and water resistance

Great for balance, strengthening, pain management, orthopedic issues, arthritis and sports medicine

One on one treatment provided by a Physical Therapist and a physical therapy assistant.

Accessible changing facilities and endless pools

Underwater treadmill

Another therapy service Brian is able to perform is the Graston Technique. Graston is an instrument assisted, soft tissue technique. It is good for muscle tension, trigger points, scar tissue, plantar fasciitis, contractures and pain issues. It also works on stubborn tissue that needs to be mobilized and relieved.

The Physical Therapy Department is now able to offer timely evaluation and management of sport injuries. Sabetha Community Hospital and the Physical Therapy Department is committed to provide services for acute injury management on the field, in the Emergency Room and in the physician clinic. The Physical Therapy Department communicates closely with coaches, physicians and athletic trainers. The department can also help prevent injuries through education and training of athletes and coaches.

The Physical Therapy Department at Sabetha Community Hospital is staffed by Physical Therapist Brian, Voos, Physical Therapy Assistants Deb Schilling, Cass Thompson and Kim Carpenter, Therapy Aides Teresa Kellenberger and Cynthia Fehr, Occupational Therapist Cynthia Hill , Occupational Therapy Assistant Nikki Rottinghaus and receptionist Janet Duncan. If you feel you could benefit from any of the above services, please contact the Sabetha Community Hospital Physical Therapy Department at (785) 284-1537. Or contact your local physician or one of the physicians at Sabetha Family Practice, (785) 284-2141.

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