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2020-A-Year at a Glance

What a challenging year 2020 turned out to be! But we wanted to take a moment to look back at all the positive things that Sabetha Community Hospital celebrated this year.

In February, Sabetha Community Hospital added another outreach provider to our list. Kelli Bradbury, APRN began coming monthly to the hospital to see patients. Kelli is part of the medical team at the Cotton O'Neil Diabetes & Endocrinology Center in Topeka. She also provides services at Cotton O'Neil in Emporia. To make an appointment with Kelli, call the outreach department at (785) 284-1552.

March saw addition of Pelvic Floor Therapy, provided by Physical Therapist Rachel Lemons, DPT, at Sabetha Community Hospital. The therapy is for both males and females and can help in the assessment and treatment of pelvic pain, constipation, urinary incontinence and many other issues. Contact the Physical Therapy Department at (785) 284-1537 to make an appointment with Rachel.

In July, Dr. Bilal Khan and Shelby Brooks, APRN, from the Cotton O'Neil Allergy Clinic in Topeka, began offering services. One of them is here monthly and among the services included are diagnosis and management of asthma, food and drug allergies, immune deficiencies, and nose/sinus problems.

October proved to be a big month for Sabetha Community Hospital. Dr. Rachel Allen and Dr. Natalie Frye moved to Sabetha and joined Drs. Kevin Kennally, James Longabaugh, Chris Tramp, Gregg Wenger, and Beth Kroll, APRN-BC at Sabetha Family Practice. They began seeing patients on October 5, 2020. If you would like to make an appointment with one of the providers, please call Sabetha Family Practice at (785) 284-2141.

Also in October, two new surgeons began seeing patients at Sabetha Community Hospital. Dr. Susan Young and Dr. Aaron Brown began seeing surgical patients at the hospital and will assist in providing 24/7 surgical coverage. They are here providing outstanding, quality and convenient surgery options for the community in a joint venture between Sabetha Community Hospital, Nemaha Valley Community Hospital, and Holton Community Hospital.

November was another busy month as a new program was rolled out for patients with Parkinson's Disease. A LSVT BIG® and LOUD® program is being offered. BIG® is a treatment delivered one-on-one and is tailored to each person's own abilities and goals, so they work towards what's meaningful to them. LOUD® helps with treatment that is customized to each patient's communications goals across a range of disease severity and communication impairments. Rachel Lemons, DPT, Cynthia Hill, OTR/L, and Mandy Graham, MACCC-SLP are the therapist that will help provide the treatments. If you or a loved one need these services, please call the Physical Therapy department at (785) 284-1537 to make an appointment.

On November 2nd, a Wound Clinic was opened at the hospital. Susie Lueger, APRN and Kristie Hartig, RN provide wound care every Monday at the hospital. If you are experiencing any of the following -- slow to heal or non-healing wounds, foot or leg ulcers or wounds, non-healing skin grafts or surgical flaps, symptoms occurring on or around a point of radiation, bone infection or crush injuries -- you could benefit from advanced wound care. If you have a wound or ulcer that is not healing or any wound that is of concern, ask your physician for a referral to the Wound Center or call them directly at (785) 284-1588 for an appointment.

Although we hope you stay well and don't need any of our new services, remember we are here to help maintain your health. If you have any questions about any of our services we offer or need help in any way, please call (785) 284-2121 for assistance.

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