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Four adults in a swimming pool exercise using Aquatic Therapy.


Sabetha Community Hospital continues to offer Aquatic Therapy, even though COVID is still going. According to Brian Voos, Physical Therapy Department Head, safety precautions are being taken to ensure the best environment for patients that need Aquatic Therapy. Only one patient is in the pool at a time, appointment times have been spread out, disinfecting of any equipment being used is done between patients and therapists are wearing masks. Patients wear masks if the treatment allows.

Aquatic Therapy has many benefits, from accelerating healing to improving tolerance for weight-bearing activities. It is beneficial to patients of all ages. It can help people with many diagnoses, from joint and muscle pain to spinal cord injuries.

Aquatic Therapy is offered in an endless pool that is in a temperature-controlled environment, has a current with variable speed and has an underwater treadmill. A physician's referral is required to begin Aquatic Therapy. If you have symptoms which would benefit from this therapy, call the Sabetha Community Hospital Physical Therapy Department at (785) 284-1537 to get more information.

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