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Picture of a female patient lying back with her eyes closed while getting Botox injection in between her eyebrows.

BOTOX for Migraine Headaches is Here!

A migraine is a common type of headache that affects approximately 12-15 percent of people. Migraines can lead to severe pain and other unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and light or noise sensitivity. There are many treatment options available to treat migraine headaches. For some patients who have frequent or chronic migraine headaches, BOTOX may be a good treatment option. BOTOX is an FDA-approved treatment option consisting of a simple injection procedure given every 12 weeks. BOTOX can substantially reduce how often a person experiences migraine headaches.

Levi Grimm, APRN, provider at Sabetha Family Practice, is an experienced provider of BOTOX injections for chronic migraines. Sabetha Community Hospital and Sabetha Family Practice are excited to start offering this service locally at the Sabetha Community Hospital Outpatient Department. If you are interested in discussing your headaches and the various treatment options or would like more information about BOTOX shots, please call Sabetha Family Practice, at (785) 284-2141, to schedule an appointment with Levi.



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