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A photo of an MRI machine

Mobile MRI

Effective May 26, 2017

Our MRI mobile service is upgrading their MRI equipment which we will be providing to our patients.


Powered by High Definition (HD) technology, the GE Signa 1.5T EXCITE HD MR System is the first MR system designed to create high definition. It creates high definition MRI images through a synergy between clinical applications and technology. The HD technology features significant advances in acquisition, gradients, and the human interface. The EXCITE HD MR System is the product of a long line of industry firsts, featuring a fully detachable patient table, actively-shielded magnetic-field gradients, phased-array digital radiofrequency electronics, high-density coils, and EXCITE (Expanding application with multi-Channel Imaging Technology) to manage the flow of data through the MR system.



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