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Sabetha Community Hospital Goes Live with Cerner

As part of our commitment to provide the highest quality of care possible to Sabetha and the surrounding communities, Sabetha Community Hospital and Sabetha Family Practice has partnered with Cerner to implement a suite of health care information technology software solutions. Founded 35 years ago, Kansas City-based Cerner is one of a handful of leading global health information technology suppliers.

We are consolidating electronic medical records applications from various suppliers into one integrated platform with Cerner's electronic health record (EHR) system. An EHR is a digital version of a person's complete medical history. There are immense benefits that our patients and community members will experience from this EHR. Having a complete medical history stored digitally will make it easier for physicians to coordinate patients' care.

Cerner's solutions are market-leading in health care 'interoperability,' the term coined to describe the free flow of patient information among providers, regardless of health IT supplier or geographic location. Not only are Cerner's solutions built on an open platform, but with Sabetha Community Hospital and Sabetha Family Practice selecting Cerner's full suite of EHR solutions, the surrounding community will benefit from access to one true patient record.

Again, Sabetha Community Hospital and Sabetha Family Practice's commitment is to you, our patients. Further information will be published as well as signs posted in the Sabetha Hospital and at Sabetha Family Practice informing patients about upcoming changes so everyone will be prepared for this major transition on Monday, January 9, 2017.