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Back in 1969, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote a bestseller called "On Death and Dying". It talks about end-stage life for the terminally ill, identifying the five stages terminally ill patients go through. This book launched a movement towards giving patients more decision- making concerning their final care. This book started the movement for Hospice. In 1982, Congress signed an act that included a provision creating a Medicare hospice benefit. In 2010, "The New England Journal of Medicine" published a study that cited patients with non-small-cell lung cancer as possible living longer in hospice and palliative care. All of this led up to the development of Hospice in towns and cities to provide care for the dying.

In 2004, Nemaha County Home Health and Hospice, operate by Sabetha Community Hospital, saw a need to develop hospice services for patients and families. NCHH&H brings comfort care to patients living with life limiting illnesses. We can offer support, nursing care, spiritual care, social workers to help plan your end of life decisions, pain relief and many other things. Hospice is important because it focuses on the healing power of home, family and community. It provides comfortable end-stage care to patients who want to remain at home or familiar surroundings. While hospice can be hard work for the provider, it is cost-effective, helps serve many and helps keep your loved one in his or her own home and community. Ninety percent of Americans prefer to age in place and home care is the optimal method to deliver this among the disabled, elderly and chronically ill.

Nemaha County Home Health & Hospice is proud to offer care for patients during their end of life process. Nurses, Cheri Key, RN, Lynn Dierking, RN, Jamie Hodge, LPN and Keri Bestwick, LPN, Chaplain Andy Smith, Social Worker Jennifer Ploeger, LBSW, Director of Volunteer Services Debby Thompson and Director Patty Remmers strive to provide whatever service is needed for their patients in their end of life journey. If you know of anyone that would benefit from Hospice services please contact Jennifer or Patty at (785) 284-2288 and let them help you set up the services you need.

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