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Picture of a toy model school bus with books, a clock, cup of paint brushes, and an apple dropping on top of the toy model school bus.


Back to School -- words that can bring joy or anxiousness. Whether you like or dislike the new school year starting up, preparing and planning a little bit can make the start of a new school year easier. It doesn't matter if your kids are starting school for the first time or if they are at the end of their school career, being organized can help make that first day of school a pleasant experience for all.

The first day of school is not the ideal time to throw everyone into chaos. Start changing the routine a week or two before school begins. This should help everyone ease into the new routine and make the transition a lot smoother.

Adjusting Sleep Time
About two weeks before school starts, have your children (especially your younger children) go to bed a little earlier each night. Getting up the next morning a bit earlier will soon move everyone into the desired schedule.

Adjusting mealtime as well as the sleep schedule should be helpful. Start with breakfast. The school schedule sleeping transition allows everyone to eat a little earlier. It is suggested that you move the lunch meal to coincide with the school's lunchtime, or as close as your schedule allows. Dinner can be served at your regular time if it doesn't interfere with bedtime for the youngest students.


Calendar to the rescue
Everyone in your family has events, appointments, and deadlines that need to be managed. A great idea is to have a family calendar. Our sources recommend a monthly calendar with large spaces for capturing schedules.

Stock Up on Supplies
Most schools provide lists of supplies for each grade level. Clearly, you will need to shop for those items. Meanwhile stock your own supply of pens, pencils, markers, erasers, notebooks, and rulers. Organize your stock so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

The Night Before
Help the kids pick out what they want to wear the next day and lay everything out. Check backpacks for missing homework, projects, or library books. Make sure that sports bags and musical instruments are packed and ready to go.

Get Your Papers Together
Make sure you have all of the papers i.e., birth certificates, vaccination records, and report cards in hand. Check the school district's website for which papers you need to bring. You can also check on that website to see if you can register ahead of time.

Make a Practice Run
Before school begins, take the kids on a practice run. Help them learn the route they will take if they are walking to school. Bus riders need to know where to catch the bus. The carpool also needs a dry run.

A physical before beginning school is a good idea. Having your student healthy adds to the pleasant experience of school. Call your local physician or make an appointment at Sabetha Family Practice at (785) 284-2141 to get your physical scheduled.

A little preparation and organization and your school year can be off to a good start.



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