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Breast CANCER awareness MONTH

Breast CANCER awareness MONTH


The country has recognized October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month for almost four decades. It is an annual time devoted to educating about Breast Cancer, and the importance of early detection and timely, high-quality health care.

No matter who you are or where you live, breast cancer may touch your life. It's necessary to understand the warning signs of breast cancer, your risk, and what's normal for you, so if there are any changes in your breasts, you can act.

Since 1989 the mortality rates from breast cancer have been lower. This is partly due to the focus on early detection and improvements in treatment. This progress was slowed during Covid, due to patients not being able to be seen during this period.

New progress is always needed. Growing knowledge about breast cancer has led to new therapies and targeted treatments that have improved outcomes for many people due to the research being done. This has replaced the one-size-fits-all treatments of three decades ago. It is research that brings hope to patients facing this disease. Patients need to be assured that there are options out there, especially when treatments stop working.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime -- that's one person every 12 minutes in the U.S.
KNOW YOUR RISK -- knowing your family history is lifesaving
MAMMOGRAMS -- for those at average risk, have a mammogram every year starting at age 40
Finding and treating signs of breast cancer early may save your life
KNOW YOUR NORMAL -- know what is normal for you. If there is a change, notify your physician

The Sabetha Community Hospital Radiology Department has a 3D Mammography machine. 3D Mammography provides better, earlier breast cancer detection, reduces unnecessary callbacks by up to 40%, and finds on average 20-65% more invasive cancers than conventional mammography alone. If you need to have a mammogram done, call the Sabetha Radiology Department at (785) 284-1525 to set up an appointment.

Remember, early detection and treatment saves lives! Get your mammogram soon.
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