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Two women standing in an examination room smiling for a photo
Two women standing in an examination room smiling for a photo

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Services provides support to human resource professionals in the placement process of employees while documenting each employee's physical capacity and impairments.

Your employees are an investment. Your company spends a great deal of time and money interviewing, hiring, and training new workers. Physical Capacity Profile® testing provides valuable information on the overall strength capabilities of new employees enabling your company to place the employee into a position that matches their capabilities. By matching the physical abilities of employees with the physical demands of their job, you will lower the number of injuries and reduce lost workdays thereby allowing your company to run at full capacity and lower your workers' compensation premiums.

Corporate Wellness Services will provide a profile of potential employees that will include:

  • Comprehensive Medical Review
  • Upper Extremity Strength
  • Lower Extremity Strength
  • Trunk Strength
  • Fitness
  • Spirometry
  • Active Lumbar
  • Range of Motion
  • Lower Extremity Mobility
  • Maximum Lifting Capability
  • Safe Lifting Technique
  • Specialized testing is also available upon request.

Other Services offered at CW include:

  • Drug Screening
  • DOT Drug Collection
  • Hearing Baseline Screening
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Corporate Wellness programs

Cost Justification

By reducing the risk of injury, the number of workers' compensation claims and related premiums are also reduced.

Cost conscious management knows that fewer lost work days due to workers' compensation claims will result in increased productivity and profits.

Consider this: Your company purchases goods and supplies to provide a product to the public. You know everything there is to know about the supplies you bring into you facility. You know exactly what you are paying for; the quality of the product, who made it, the date it was produced, and exactly where it came from. So why, then is your company blindly hiring employees without knowing the employee's individual "specs". After all, a good employee is the most important asset your company has.

For More Information

Contact Cynthia Hill during office hours, Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm at (785) 284-2121 Ext. #1570 or "Click Here" to contact her by email.
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