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baby boy
baby boy

Labor and Delivery

Great beginnings happen at the Sabetha Community Hospital

Supporting families means being there every step of the way and we know how to care for our moms and their precious newborns! From your doctor and your own private room to prenatal classes and lactation support, SCH is here for you from the moment you know you are pregnant until long after you go home.

The Sabetha Community Hospital's labor and delivery rooms are designed with the needs of families in mind. Our staff cares for you with genuine warmth, dignity and respect.

During labor and the birth of your baby, your privacy, comfort and safety are of the utmost importance. Here at the Sabetha Community Hospital, women labor, give birth and recover with their new babies in a private room equipped with a special birthing bed. It's fully furnished to make you, your family and your baby feel comfortable and at home, with ready access to the latest medical equipment, just in case it's needed.

If you have any questions about the Labor and Delivery department at the Sabetha Community Hospital, please call us at 785-284-1529.

The Sabetha Community Hospital is dedicated to improving the quality of health and care given in our communities.

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