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Picture of a female radiology tech performing a MRI scan for a female patient.


Lung cancer causes more deaths in the United States than any other type of cancer. This is because early lung cancer often does not cause symptoms. For people at high risk, lung cancer screenings can find cancer at an early stage, when it is easier to treat.

Low-dose spiral computerized tomography (LDCT) scans are better than chest x-rays at finding early-stage lung cancer, according to a nationwide trial. Sabetha Community Hospital Radiology Department can provide these scans for you.

The screening will be done with a low-dose spiral computed tomography (LDCT) scan. It can also find cancer at an earlier stage when it is easier to treat. The screening may also find other diseases in the chest that need to be treated. If your scan show something that looks abnormal, your doctor or one from Sabetha Family Practice will schedule an appointment to talk about the results. If no issues are found, you will receive a letter that gives you follow-up recommendations.

Not everyone will benefit from the screening. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network has set up guideline to help determine if you should be screened. The guidelines can be found on their website, Your doctor can also help you determine if you should be screened.

If you think you are a candidate for the LDCT, contact your physician or a physician at Sabetha Family Practice at (785) 284-2141. A simple test can save your life.



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