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May is Trauma Awareness Month

Traumatic injury continues to be a leading cause of death for Kansans. Sabetha Community Hospital is a part of the Kansas Trauma System and is a Level IV Trauma Center. Our Medical and Nursing staff participate in ongoing education and training in order to provide high-quality care and improve outcomes to our patients. However, trauma prevention begins with the community.

What kind of traumas occur in our community?
The most common traumatic injuries seen at Sabetha Community Hospital result from falls and motor vehicle accidents. Less common, but still occurring in our community, are burns and accidents with firearms, ATVs, and machinery.

Falls by those 65 & older comprise 48% of traumatic injuries in KS, 60% of those falls occur in their own home.
Motor Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in the United States and kill 100 people every day.

How can you help prevent trauma?
Prevent fall injury in older adults by:

1. Regular exercise which can improve balance and strength
2. Having your eyes and feet checked yearly
3. Make the home safe by removing rugs, keeping the environment clutter-free
4. Installing grab bars in the bathroom, installing handrails on stairs
5. Ensure there is adequate lighting throughout
6. Getting a bone density check annually
7. Talking with your doctor or pharmacist about your medications
8. Taking an open conversation with your loved one and their doctor about fall risks and prevention

Prevent motor vehicle crash injuries by:
1. Wearing a seat belt
2. Using appropriate care seats and restraints for children
3. Getting an infant/child seat check by a certified professional
4. Using the graduated driver licensing for teenage drivers which recognizes the need for skill-building
5. Older adults should drive when conditions are safest, avoid driving at night or in poor weather
6. Always being alert for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and other vehicles
7. Don't test and drive
8. Don't drink and drive

Prevent firearm accidents by:
1. Storing firearms safely in your home
2. Sending your children to a Hunter's Safety Course

Prevent ATV crashes by:
1. Checking the manufacture recommendations on size and age
2. Only have one person on single-rider ATVs
3. Protect yourself or your children by wearing a helmet, goggles, high boots, gloves, and appropriate clothes when riding
4. Avoid paved roads
5. Don't drink while operating an ATV

Prevent burns by:
1. Installing smoke alarms in your home and testing them monthly
2. Use safe cooking practices, especially around children
3. Having an escape plan in case of fire
4. Setting the water heater's thermostat to 120°F or lower

For more information go to: or contact Wendy Menold, RN, Trauma Program Manager at Sabetha Community Hospital (785) 284-1502 or

For a FREE Car Seat Safety check, please contact Cheri Key at (785) 284-2121 or

To learn how to get a fall risk assessment contact Wendy Menold at (785) 284-1502 or

To apply for a scholarship from the SCH Trauma Program for public swimming lessons, go to to complete the form.

Silver and Fit is an exercise program designed for active older adults to help maintain and improve balance and mobility. Silver and Fit is available at Sabetha Health & Wellness on MWF @ 9:30am. To enroll in a Silver & Fit class go to: or call (785) 300-7492.



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