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Doctor examining MRI image in hospital
Doctor examining MRI image in hospital

On-site Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) at Sabetha Community Hospital

The SCH Radiology department is pleased to announce the addition of an on-site MRI for daily MRI diagnostic imaging. This MRI replaces the previous twice-a-week mobile MRI service.

MRIs are used for a variety of diagnostic purposes including neurological, vascular, and orthopedic exams. MRI imaging uses a large magnet to look at organs/structures and provides clear pictures of soft tissues inside your body. These images show abnormalities helpful in diagnosing orthopedic injuries and many other diseases.

The permanently parked MRI is a GE HD XT 1.5 Tesla Magnet. It offers many patient comforts such as a table that lowers for easier patient access, audible noise reduction with earphones/music, in-bore lighting, and ventilation. "Over the last several years, MRI scans have increased but the availability for patients was limited to limited time periods 2 days per week. This will allow us to schedule MRI scans daily for patient convenience" explained DeAnn Bennett, Radiology Supervisor.

The MRI will be staffed by the SCH Radiology Department. The leading MR tech will be Brad Nordhus who has previous MRI experience at Stormont Vail and is a certified MR safety officer. "The daily appointment availability will allow for more patients weekly along with more consistency of patient/staff communication", Brad explained.

If you have any questions or you need to schedule an MRI contact the SCH Radiology department at (785) 284-1525.



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