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A female doctor sitting next to a man and woman showing them something on a laptop
A female doctor sitting next to a man and woman showing them something on a laptop

Patient Portal Invitation

January 9, 2017, was the "go live" date for Cerner at Sabetha Community Hospital and Sabetha Family Practice. The electronic software system previously used by Sabetha Family Practice will no longer be updated for any services received after 1/8/17. Patient portal information prior to this date will be located on the old Sabetha Family Practice Portal. Both portals can be accessed through the hospital website which is Any patient portal information after January 9, 2017 will be located on the Cerner Health Patient Portal also known as MyHealtheLife.

MyHealthLife is a safe and easy way for you to stay informed about your healthcare. This service allows you to view your most recent lab results, medication list, immunizations, health issues and visit summary information. Accessing your portal information will be easy if you follow the 6 steps below.

1)     Provide you email address to the Registration Desk when you register for a service at the hospital or clinic. You may be asked a security question. This will be used to verify your identity when you create a portal account.

2)     Watch your email. You will receive an invitation from Sabetha Community Hospital inviting you to join the HealtheLife Patient Portal.

3)     Select the Accept Invitation hyperlink to begin setting up your portal account. The first screen will ask you "Are you this patient or do you manage this patient's healthcare" Select the appropriate option.

4)     Verify your Identity. Enter the (patient) information in the required fields and answer the security question (which you picked in Step #1). After reviewing, select the checkbox indicating that you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the organization. Select and create Your account.

5)     Create Your Account. This will ask you to complete the required fields including creating a username and password for future portal access. You will also select another security question. This security question will be used to verify the patients identity in case you forget your login information. After reviewing the newly added information, select the checkbox indication that you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the organization. Then to actually create your account Select Create Account.

6)     View your health information online!!

"Patients will still be able to access their current medical record but the new system will enhance the continuum of care for all patients. Again, to view your patient portal account, go to and click on patient portal." -- Lora Key, CEO

Instruction brochures have been printed and are located in both the hospital and family practice. If you have any questions, issues or problems, please contact the office at either Sabetha Family Practice, (785) 284-2141 or Sabetha Community Hospital, (785) 284-2121.



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