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xray of lungs
xray of lungs

What is Pulmonary Rehab?
Pulmonary Rehab is a twice a week program that focuses on breathing retraining, healthy lifestyle changes, and exercise to improve daily living. A licensed Respiratory Therapist and Registered Nurse with Physican oversite also teach education on medication management and disease process.

Who is eligible for Pulmonary Rehab?
Individuals with a lung diagnosis such as COPD or post COVID-19 shortness of breath. Individuals may not be a current smoker.

Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation
fewer symptoms, like less cough or less shortness of breath
improved quality of life
increased ability to walk or improved ability to exercise
feel better about yourself, less anxious
less tired
reduced hospitalizations

For more information about Pulmonary Rehabilitation, contact Sabetha Community Hospital's Respiratory Therapist, Kendra Douglas.
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