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Picture of radiologist looking at scans with a MRI machine in the background.

Radiology Dept. Update

The Sabetha Community Hospital Radiology department recently upgraded their patient care by installing a digital advanced, dual-use radiography and fluoroscopy imaging system along with upgrading their mobile portable x- ray. Healthcare radiography has been trending away from the traditional analog x-ray to fully digital x-ray systems for many years because of enhanced efficiency, handling, image quality and new requirements that affect financial reimbursement for exams. The hospital has chosen the Siemens Max systems in order to optimize standardization and interchangeability of detectors.

The Siemens Luminoso Agile Max x-ray room will allow for safer exams with a height-adjustable table that makes it easier for staff to transfer and work with patients. "Being able to adjust the table height for patient transfer will be a huge advantage for the technologists and the patients," said Brad Nordhus, radiological technologist. Sharper imaging is achieved with the system's dynamic flat detector system. The 2-in-1 fluoroscopy system enables patient-side fluoroscopy as well as unlimited radiography capabilities for increased system and room utilization. The CARE dose reduction program decreases radiation exposure for patients and staff, without compromising image quality.

The integrated mobile x-ray system is the Siemens Mobilett Elera Max. "The digital mobile x-ray system allows technologists the wireless capability to produce high quality images with immediate results. This has been extremely advantageous when imaging patients in isolation," said DeAnn Bennett, Radiology Director. The mobile system has enabled technologists to match orders and transfer images wirelessly to the image archive system for quick interpretation and reports. If necessary, these images may also be transferred to larger facilities quickly for continuation of care purposes.

This new equipment will increase the efficiency and quality of imaging at SCH. These long-term investments are an attribute to Sabetha Community Hospital's dedication to excellent patient care. The remodel was made possible by a generous bequest made to the Sabetha Community Health Foundation. "The Hospital Board of Directors and Medical Staff are pleased that the Foundation Board approved and committed these funds to help update the equipment and provide the state of the art technology for our patients" said Lora Key, Hospital CEO. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Radiology department at Sabetha Community Hospital--(785) 284-1525.



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