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A person holding a clipboard with the blurred image of a female doctor tending to a patient laying in bed
A person holding a clipboard with the blurred image of a female doctor tending to a patient laying in bed

Swing Bed Skilled Care

The Sabetha Community Hospital understands that time is of the essence, especially when you or a loved one is recovering from illness, surgery or an accident. At some point in your recovery, acute hospital care is no longer necessary; however, you may not be physically ready to go home. The SCH Swing Bed skilled care program may be the step that will help meet your health care needs.

The Sabetha Community Hospital Swing Bed program is designed to serve as a transition between acute hospital care and discharge to home, home health or long-term care setting. Swing bed services help patients:

Recovery from repeated hospitalization
Recovery after a major accident or stroke
IV therapy
End of life care
Recover from major surgery, joint replacement, vascular or abdominal procedures

Other Services offered as part of the Swing Bed Skilled Care Program:

Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services
Home Health and Hospice available upon discharge
Registered Pharmacist
Specialty Physician clinics
Patient lift system for patient comfort and safety
Family and friend meals
Reunions and card group accommodations upon request
Daily activities and nightly back massages
Dialysis nearby with transportation provided
Electronic medical records
Hospital Healing garden
Volunteers providing activities

For more information about the Swing Bed Program at the Sabetha Community Hospital contact:

Carrie Phillips, RN
Director of Swing Bed Services
(785) 284-2121 Ext.#1470

Jean Ann Holland, LBSW
Social Services
(785) 284-1547

Melinda Knowles, LBSW
Social Services
(785) 284-1518

SCH Rehabilitation Department
(785) 284-1537

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