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We know that patients often have more family that want to visit. So, we encourage everyone wanting to visit their loves ones in the hospital to use alternative methods to connect.

Phone Calls
Window Visits
Virtual Visits (offered Monday through Friday)

To schedule a virtual visit with your loves one, contact Debby Thompson, Volunteer Coordinator at (785) 284-1527.

Click Below to Start Your Virtual Visit at your Scheduled Time.

Sabetha Community Hospital

14th and Oregon St.
Sabetha, KS 66534

Telephone: (785) 284-2121
Fax: (785) 284-2516

Sabetha Community Hospital
Lora Key, CEO



Sabetha Community Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer
It is the policy of Sabetha Community Hospital to provide equal opportunity to persons regardless of race, religion, age, gender, disability or any other classification in accordance with federal, state and local statuses, regulations and ordinances.