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Sabetha Community Hospital

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2021 Employee Recognition Tea
L-R: Lisa Menold (15 Years), Angie Eldridge (5 years), Janet Duncan (5 years), Garrett Colglazier (5 years), Tessa Sheik (5 years), Lora Key (40 years). Employees honored but not in photo: Ganna Delikatna (5 years), Jennifer Enneking (5 years), Kaylene Heinen (15 years), Deb Schilling (20 years)
2019 Christmas Party
Christmas Party 2019
2020 Employee Recognition Tea
2021 Golf Tournament



Sabetha Community Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer
It is the policy of Sabetha Community Hospital to provide equal opportunity to persons regardless of race, religion, age, gender, disability or any other classification in accordance with federal, state and local statuses, regulations and ordinances.