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Photo of Bilal Khan, M.D.

Bilal Khan, M.D.




Dr. Khan received his medical degree from Rawalpindi Medical College, Pakistan. He did his residency at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN. He also did his fellowship at the University of Alabama Hospitals, in Birmingham, Alabama. He currently practices at Cotton O'Neil Allergy Clinic in Topeka and Manhattan.

He provides up-to-date care for allergies, asthma, and related conditions. He will help you reduce or even eliminate symptoms that cause allergic reactions. He will develop a long-term plan to improve your quality of life. As one of only three physicians in Kansas that offer food desensitization therapy, Dr. Khan gives patients back a high quality of life without fear of accidental exposure. Services that are included in his practice are the diagnosis and management of asthma, immune deficiencies, food and drug allergies, food desensitization program, RUSH immune therapy and nose and sinus problems.

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